The Golden Locket

Deerfield Beach, October 17, 2017 – Get ready for the intelligent and vibrant Yelaine Aguilar because here she comes with her first book release. Most impressive of all, she’s only 12 years old!
Let Aguilar take you on a journey with her beautifully written fiction book, “The Golden Locket.”

The book introduces you to Franchesca and Annie, best friends moving to San Francisco with their parents in search of a new life. When they arrive they discover they’ll be living in what could only be described as a castle.
Within the walls of this magnificent place Franchesca finds a locket that will take her on adventures she could’ve never imagined before.

As the locket takes her to a new world filled with magic and talking animals, Franchesca is set on a path to rescue Annie from an evil king.
This is where Aguilar really shines; in describing a world like no other we get glimpses into a child’s imagination while being transported by her beautiful and whimsical writing.

“The Golden Locket” is a story of magic, friendship and finding yourself among new challenges.

About the Author
Yelaine Aguilar lives in Coral Springs, Florida, with her parents, 2 fish, and 1 dog, Lily. She is 11 years old and attends middle school. This is her first book. She has loved to write since third grade. She also loves to play Roblox (her user is bella23568), Minecraft, and other games. She spends hours on the computer, and loves to swim and spend time with her friends. She also loves to text on the iPad.

She plans on writing and publishing at least 50 more books in her lifetime, and is addicted to the ocean.