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Restoring the ‘Unwritten’ Word
It was written. Or so I thought.

That is to say, I screwed up. From what I can recall, on that Monday I had two files with the same name, each opened at the same time, and some hurried cutting and pasting, not saving, and then closing everything out in a hurry (I think I was late for work), acted to wipe out the entire passage. Four thousand words – closer, it turned out, to 5,000, because other passages were also lost. And because I work full time, months of weekend work was lost. I could bring […]

4 Effective Tactics for Editing Your Book/Novel


So you’ve finished your book, congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a published author. Let yourself bask in that glory before you proceed to worry about the next part, because the next step is often the most fraught, challenging, and time-consuming.

It just so happens to also be the most important and ground-breaking part of the process- the part that involves editing.

Here are four tactics for editing your book or novel:

Set it aside.

You’ve probably obsessed over this draft for months, if not longer. The best thing to do now is let it breathe for a few weeks. Clear […]

Trimark Press Titles at Indigo Moon

Deerfield Beach – July 25, 2017 – Not much compares to the joy of walking into a library and rifling through the vast quantities of options. The thrill of seeing all the books available for exploration and the fresh smell of paper in the air.

With this in mind, Trimark Press has teamed up with Indigo Moon to bring a few of our favorite titles to a brick and mortar store.

Indigo Moon is a new shop in Bartow, Florida that will be specializing in one-of-a-kind items that are handcrafted by local artisans. The shop will also contain a collection of […]

Ballpark Praise

Deerfield Beach- July 18, 2017- It’s been a little over two months since “Danger at the Ballpark” was published and the accolades continue to pour in.

This time they come in the form of a very flattering review from “Death at the Ballpark” author Bob Gorman.
“Miami attorney Jack Herskowitz has just published (Trimark Press, 2017) an interesting, clearly written treatise on the dangers fans face when attending baseball games. Written for the layperson, Danger at the Ballpark describes in detail, with numerous case illustrations, how the archaic legal doctrine commonly known as the Baseball Rule (“assumption of risk”) has been […]

Trimark Newsletters

Newsletters have been on our to-do list since the beginning of time.

Last month, we finally grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and got to writing. We’re very excited about it and plan to publish it once a month.

It’s a great way to stay updated on what we’re getting ready to publish. We’re also adding tips and guides from our editors to every installment. After all, we want to make sure our writers are improving and producing the best content possible.

If you haven’t signed up (and why not?) here are June’s tips to writing the best children’s book possible:

To […]

Jack Herskowitz Speaking at SABR Meeting

June 6, 2017 – Jack Herskowitz attended the South Florida chapter meeting for the Society for American Baseball Research this Saturday. Herskowitz attended the meeting to promote his latest book, Danger at the Ballpark.

Danger is an in-depth look at the risks fans face when they attend a game, be it from a broken bat or the team mascot himself. The book also details how the MLB stays untouchable in the midst of all these injuries.

Throughout his presentation Herskowitz touched on some of the unfortunate accidents that have seriously injured fans, as well as recounting the near-tragic story that inspired […]

Let’s Write Together Article on My Palm Beach Post

NEW: Let’s Write Together turns 36 students into published authors
As seen on My Palm Beach Post, article by Antonio Fins.

Thirty-six students, mostly from Palm Beach County schools, are now published writers.

They are authors courtesy of the Let’s Write Together program founded and run by a Boca Raton high school student. The three dozen students were honored Friday in a ceremony at the Hagen Ranch Road public library branch in Delray Beach.

As their parents and teachers applauded and snapped photos, each of the students, representing area elementary, middle and high schools, was called by name and presented with a certificate. […]

“The Lets’s Write Together!” 4th Annual Contest Award Ceremony

Deerfield Beach, FL—April 1, 2017— We are pleased to announce “The Let’s Write Together!” 4th Annual Contest Award Ceremony will be held at the Hagan Ranch Branch Library on Friday, May 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM.

Alex Watson and Robert Watson are teamed up with TriMark Press to bring you the fourth annual Let’s Write Together Contest. Students grades 1-12 from all over Palm Beach County submitted their stories for a chance to get them professionally published. The rules allow for the stories to be written alone or with friends and/or family, allowing for more collaborative fun and […]

Interview with Author, Robert Berman of Chasing Rainbows and Beyond

Robert L. Berman’s speaks to TriMark Press about his book, Chasing Rainbows and Beyond: A Spectrum of Light and Hope. He shares with us his “Final Four” Humanitarian Rainbows which are: The Hope Scholarship, Hope For Starving Children, Hope For Tolerance Development of a “Center and Museum of Tolerance” and Hope for A Cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in which he promises to devote the rest of his life supporting all efforts to finding a cure.

In Chasing Rainbows and Beyond, Robert passionately illustrates an intelligent, feasible game plan for each, providing the blueprint to making these hopeful humanitarian projects become a much-needed reality.


Publish Your Graphic Novels at TriMark Press

TriMark Press is expanding its services to graphic novel production!
We proudly introduce a new avenue for writers and illustrators to publish and share their creations to curious readers around the world. Graphic novels published by TriMark Press will be available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and its online store. If you are an author or a creative team, please continue to read about submission guidelines.

People who may not know what graphic novels are might think they’re comic books or books for kids. Although graphic novels can be created for children, it is not exclusive to an age group or genre. Complex […]