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Alan Haft, Author, Financial Educator, Financial Planner

From New York and now residing in Newport Beach, CA, Alan Haft is a nationally recognized personal financial educator, financial planner and author who makes frequent appearances in a wide range of print, radio and television media, including CNBC, Fox, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, USA Today, Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, Smart Money and many others. Additionally, Alan is a financial columnist for the prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPCA), the largest association of CPAs in the country. His columns cover a wide range of financial subjects and appear in newspapers across the country. Furthermore, Alan facilitated hundreds of simple-to-understand, yet highly informative presentations on various financial topics for audiences that range from small, local investment clubs, to universities, large conventions and audiences at venues such as Donald Trump’s private Mara Largo Resort.

Previously, Alan was partners with Oscar-nominated actor James Woods in a media company located at Universal Studios and also served as President of Day Corporation, a multi-national technology firm he was instrumental in taking public on the Swiss stock exchange that just recently sold to Adobe Corporation.

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