Christopher McGarry

Christopher McGarry

Chris McGarry

Chris McGarry is a graduate of Franklin Pierce University. He imagined up Ben and Feathers in 1988 during story time with his sons, Chris and Chad when they said, “Dad, tell us a story about a bird and a bear.” In the early days, Chris and Chad were the two mice who saved Feathers and in the process saved Ben. Over the last twenty-six years, he occasionally pulled the handwritten story from the file thinking he would someday share it with the world. Now is the time.

Today, Chris has two beautiful daughters whom he loves dearly: Susan, who is seven, and Sarah, who is four. They love the story of Ben and Feathers, and of course, the two mice are now Susan and Sarah. As in life, this story has many twists and turns. In his book, there are many life lessons but the lesson Chris is most fond of is that you are never too small to make a difference and never too BIG to change.

He currently resides in Boca Raton Florida and enjoys landscaping, writing, learning, and most of all fishing with his daughters.

Books by Christopher McGarry

Ben and Feathers

In the magical forest of Songland, all of the animals live in love and understanding until a mean bear moves in and snatches the resident bluebird, upsetting the peaceful community. When Songland’s biggest animals fail to scare him away, two brave mice step up in an attempt to save the day. Do they have what it takes to protect Songland?

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