Corin Wiser

Corin Wiser

Corin Wiser, M.Ed.

Corin is a recognized speaker and author who empowers teen girls to take full responsibility for who they are and who they want to become. Corin is committed to helping teen girls take charge of their lives by understanding that regardless of circumstances, each young woman is the “writer, director and star of her very own movie.” Through her practical and approachable style, Corin helps teen girls discover their inner voice and gain the insight necessary to become who they really are, while recognizing the need to live a purposeful life. Corin’s life experiences paired with her multiple roles of wife and mother of three daughters have underscored her unique understanding of the female heart. She conducts workshops nationwide for teen girls (e.g. “The Gift of You”) and for mothers and daughters (“Mothers & Daughters, Connecting Here and Now,”), offering simple, practical tools to help inspire and empower women of all ages.

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Matters of the Heart takes the reader on an empowering journey of self-discovery that will leave them felling more self-confident, more determined and more in-tune with who they really are. Read more about Matters of the Heart