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James Marshall

James L. Marshall, Jr., Financial Planner, Black Family Wealth Manager

James L. Marshall, Jr. has been in the investment management industry for over 20 years. He started his career with Merrill Lynch in 1988 as a stockbroker trainee and then moved to Washington, DC to work for New York Life, where he began to realize the importance of educating the black community about comprehensive wealth building. James converted these early years of training into a successful 9 year career with American Express Financial Advisors before starting Marshall Capital Management Group, a wholly owned Registered Investment Advisory Firm in April 2001. During this period he has reached great heights in the industry by qualifying for the last 7 years straight into the Million Dollar Round Table, which consist of the top 5 percent of all producing insurance agents. The last three of those seven years he has qualified for the Top of the Table designation, which is the top 1 percent of producing insurance agents. James says that he has been able to accomplish this level of success by staying committed to educating the black community about the wealth-building process.

After graduating from Western Kentucky University and the Kentucky Military Academy, James realizes the importance of continuing his formal education. James continues his involvement with Western Kentucky University by serving on the WKU Foundation Board and the Board of Advisors to the President. His commitment to encouraging more African Americans to choose a career in financial planning has led him to establish the J.L. Marshall Living and Learning Community at Western Kentucky University, Gordon School of Business.

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