Karl Lenker

Karl Lenker

Karl Lenker, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (retired)

Karl, an A-10 Warthog fighter pilot and combat veteran (Bosnia), logged more than 29,000 hours in the air. Action is his middle name. Others write about on-the-edge adventures… Karl Lenker lives them. Recently retired from piloting Boeing jets around the world for Delta Air Lines, Karl now flies life-saving, EMS rescue missions, chases offshore race boats for TV, does television and movie shoots or explores central Florida swamps for alligator conservationists — all in helicopters. An avid outdoorsman most of his life, Karl is a gold medal champion rifle and pistol marksman. He holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Maryland. His writing credits include feature articles for the Jet Gazette and The Free State Guardian, as well as, military publications with statewide (Maryland) circulation.

Books by Karl Lenker

Final TrumpetFinal Trumpet, Karl Lenker

It is November 1993. The chaos and lawlessness of Somalia has reached its apex in the wake of the “Blackhawk Down” debacle of a month earlier and the American government struggles with its foreign policy options. More about Final Trumpet…