Kimberly R Lock

Kimberly R. Lock

Kimberly R. Lock

Kimberly assists her husband in the business aspects of running Unity Gospel House of Prayer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has several thousand members. In addition, she is a soloist in the choir and a member of the church’s Praise Dance Team. Kimberly also administers UGHOP’s website, Facebook and Twitter, which broadcast daily messages of spiritual encouragement. She is also the mother of five children.Women from all walks of life are drawn to her for spiritual guidance. Her character is calm and meek, while her style is simply “classy.” She is a woman of few and selected words, reflecting her passionate devotion to the Lord and her heart’s commitment to developing women spiritually.

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Kim Lock, Who You Callin Silly?Who You Callin’ Silly?

A witty, wise and contemporary Christian-centered plan for releasing women from yesterday’s mistakes to show them the value in themselves today, and a hope-filled tomorrow. Read more about Who You Callin’ Silly?…