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Natasha is not your typical ‘NBA wife.’ After marrying her high school sweetheart, Keyon Dooling, of the Milwaukee Bucks, Natosha realized she had work to do if she wanted to dispel negative perceptions that can accompany that title. For Natosha this was nothing new, she has fought against stereotypes and misperceptions virtually her entire life, beginning with the harassment and bullying she endured from classmates and others while growing up. What made her a target was something she had no control of as a child, her atypical African American looks: hazel eyes, fair skin and sandy blond hair.
 Raised in a low-income Fort Lauderdale, Florida neighborhood, Natosha navigated the rocky road of her youth with quiet determination and abiding faith. Later in life came a new set of challenges. Natosha’s affluent lifestyle and marriage to a pro athlete brought frequent relocations, friendship and relationship issues and unfavorable media scrutiny. In the midst of it, she faced the loss of loved ones and a devastating miscarriage.

Natosha is the founder of N-Zone – a charity to help provide college scholarships and develop character in disadvantaged young women through etiquette instruction, job training and college prep courses. Natosha is also CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, a new online magazine for sports-related news and lifestyle information. In each of her projects, Natosha’s goal is to “pay it forward” by helping others and to represent the positive attributes shared by many people associated with professional sports — based on love, charity and values.

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