Robert Brown, DDS
Robert Brown, DDS

Robert Brown, DDS

Robert Brown, DDS, is director of the Advanced Oral Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Danville, California, where he specializes in temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), myofascial pain and dental sleep medicine.

Brown’s childhood was marked by a healthy and active lifestyle until the age of seven, when he was run over by a car. Though he was treated quickly and remained unencumbered of any serious complications through the rest of his childhood, an immense pain started to develop in his abdomen years later. At first, the pain was dismissed as psychosomatic. After many more years, it was diagnosed as diverticulitis. Thus the list of errors committed by his medical practitioners continued to grow until the day Brown finally diagnosed himself with peritonitis.

Throughout his life, Brown would experience the shortcomings of the health care industry through errors performed on him and his loved ones over the years. As time went on, he learned that asking himself why, thereby treating the cause of pain and sickness rather than just treating the symptoms, led to his success in preventing harm being done to himself, his family and many of his patients. He is passionate about teaching patients how to achieve optimal health, overcome and prevent disease, slow down the aging process, and understand the basis for true health.

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Why? The Question That Could Save Your Life

At age 75, Dr. Robert Brown is in the best shape of his life – with more energy than most people half his age! But before achieving radiant health, he had to come face to face with debilitating disease and the failures of modern medicine – for his family, his patients and himself.

Why? The Question that Could Save Your Life exposes many of the obstacles blocking the road to ideal health and medical treatment and how to overcome them. Dr. Brown Shows You:

-How to be proactive with your health, participate in medial decision and make sure your doctor is doing his or her job.
-Why treating symptoms only will never allow you to achieve optimum health.
-The astonishingly overlooked relationship between diet and disease.

Dr. Brown is not afraid to tackle corruption and dysfunction within the medical/pharmaceutical industry, including what he calls “legal drug abuse” and the incompetence of our educational system to teach true health. Fortunately for his readers, the goal of the book is not only to save lives, but to make those lives really worth saving.

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