Small Press Fair 2017

Get excited! Trimark press will be attending the Small Press Fair this Saturday (11-11-17).

We’ll be attending with our illustrator and editor. We’re looking forward to hearing about your projects and past publishing experiences!

The fair is expected to have many publishers, authors, and artists. It takes place in Fort Lauderdale’s FAT Village Art District.

It should be a fun event with food trucks available as well.

Make sure to come say hi!

Trimark Newsletters

Newsletters have been on our to-do list since the beginning of time.

Last month, we finally grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and got to writing. We’re very excited about it and plan to publish it once a month.

It’s a great way to stay updated on what we’re getting ready to publish. We’re also adding tips and guides from our editors to every installment. After all, we want to make sure our writers are improving and producing the best content possible.

If you haven’t signed up (and why not?) here are June’s tips to writing the best children’s book possible:

To […]

Cure To The Summertime Blues…Reading

Beat the summertime blues, improve your memory and exercise your mind.


Summer months for adults can be very stressful. Most of us have to work and are unable to take a much needed vacation. Also, some children may have to stay at grandma’s house or attend summer school because dreamy summer camp is out of the budget. If you’re saddened by not having the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and great weather, reading can help beat these summertime blues while exercising your mind.

Below is our 2016 Summer book list. Be sure to pick a book, sit quietly, enjoy the rain […]

5 Great Books for Back To School Week

For the millions of children starting or going back to school this year, this week will be one marked by anxiety and excitement. As parents we might feel helpless as to what we can do to ease their fears, but there are ways we can aid them. Help your child navigate the beginning of the school year with these great back-to-school books.


As I’m sure many of us remember, the first day of school can be exciting as well daunting. As parents we experience a similar kind of anxiety, wondering whether our little ones will be okay without us. Will […]