Chasing Rainbows and Beyond

ISBN: 9781943401017
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Chasing Rainbows and Beyond

In the conclusion of Chasing Rainbows and Beyond, author Robert Berman shares with the reader his “Final Four” Humanitarian Rainbows. These are very personal and ambitious projects that have yet to reach fruition; however the “embers still glow,” and each remains possible. The Final Four Rainbows of Hope are:

-The Hope Scholarship a uniquely funded state scholarship that provides money to assist eligible high school graduates (3.0-B-GPA), with educational costs of attending a Hope-eligible college. Currently active in Georgia, Berman wants to see this concept expanded nationwide.
-Hope For Starving Children Making sure no child goes to bed hungry, whether it be in the United States or on an international global scale as well.
-Hope For Tolerance Development of a “Center and Museum of Tolerance” to be housed at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).
-Hope for A Cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig s Disease), which one of Berman’s family contracted in 2009. This is by far the most important to him, promising to devote the rest of his life supporting all efforts to finding a cure. Berman passionately illustrates an intelligent, feasible game plan for each, providing the blueprint to making these hopeful humanitarian projects become a much-needed reality.

Robert Lewis Berman, Published AuthorRobert Lewis Berman

A University of Mississippi and Harvard educated author, Robert Lewis Berman was born in Atlanta in 1931. At a young age, his family moved to Lexington, Mississippi until WW II, when his father was stationed in Atlanta and later went overseas.

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