Beat the summertime blues, improve your memory and exercise your mind.



Summer months for adults can be very stressful. Most of us have to work and are unable to take a much needed vacation. Also, some children may have to stay at grandma’s house or attend summer school because dreamy summer camp is out of the budget. If you’re saddened by not having the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and great weather, reading can help beat these summertime blues while exercising your mind.

Below is our 2016 Summer book list. Be sure to pick a book, sit quietly, enjoy the rain and let your mind travel to a foreign place.


Crunch by Lori Balter

Start off your summer with a little romance and immerse yourself in a story about two friends who invoke in each other the kind of life-altering love that shatters egos and leads each on a journey of self-discovery and lasting transformation.


Origin King


Origin King by Deedra Lavon, screenplay writer

For the traveler; treat yourself to a powerful journey! Imagine ancient Egypt: the people, the culture, the sisterhood, the brotherhood, the gods and goddesses and the power… One man with his queen challenged it all.

Chasing Rainbows and Beyond


Chasing Rainbows and Beyond by Robert L. Berman

It wouldn’t feel like Summertime without some rainbows. Author Robert Berman shares his “Final Four” Humanitarian Rainbows. These are very personal and ambitious projects that have yet to reach fruition; however the “embers still glow,” and each remains possible. If you are searching for that perfect rainy indoor read, this book will not disappoint.

B&F Cover


Tsunami by Alex Watson & Robert P. Watson

Teen Author, Alex Watson, began writing “Tsunami” at the age of 12. It is now listed on this year’s summer reading list for 6th Grade students in South Florida and an International Book Award Finalist. “Tsunami” provides young adults with an adventure of a lifetime.

Haley Marguerite Mariano


Charlie Takes An Adventure by Haley Marguerite Mariano

A perfect and delightful book for all ages. Children’s Book, Charlie Takes an Adventure, is about an adventurous penguin who is bored in his hometown of Pickering Warf, Antarctica. Charlie has no one to play with and nothing to do, and winter lasts a real long time. So Charlie sets off on a plane to Florida hoping to find the missing piece of his happiness. The starry-­eyed penguin encounters more than a few hurdles once he gets to his dream place, however. Charlie finds out that in his search for paradise, his heart will guide him somewhere completely unexpected.

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