To the day five years ago, a very special girl was volunteering with children in Haiti when an earthquake struck and claimed many lives. It was only hours before that she had texted her family, letting them know she was so moved by the children and their appreciation that she wanted to create an orphanage to continue helping them. The Gengels lost their daughter that day but her spirit lived on in her dream, which they refused to let die.

Len & Cherylann Gengel founded Be Like Brit, an orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti which has so far provided homes to children there, many who themselves lost family members in the 2010 earthquake. They invite you to remember those who perished in the catastrophic earthquake that disrupted many lives in Haiti five years ago.

“They love us so much and everyone is so happy. They love what they have and they work so hard to get nowhere, yet they are all so appreciative. I want to move here and start an orphanage myself.” – Britney Gengel
January 12, 2010

Heartache and Hope in Haiti is the amazing story that chronicles their journey. 100% of profits from the book benefit Brit’s Orphanage.

Heartache and Hope in Haiti book

Heartache and Hope in Haiti