That time of the year has arrived once more! It’s time to start preparing the fifth issue of “Let’s Write Together.”

Let’s Write Together began over four years ago when professor and author Dr. Robert Watson and his son, Alex Watson, decided to team up with Trimark to help make published writers out of local students.

Alex developed an interest for writing from a young age. When he was just 11 he woke up his dad to let him know he wanted to write a book.

“Tsunami” was released the very next year.

That first experience proceeded to grow Alex’s passion for storytelling. A passion he decided to help instill within his fellow classmates.

“People I know don’t read as much as they used to, or not at all. Especially people my age,” Watson said. “I’m just trying to encourage everyone to keep writing. Reading and writing is a beautiful art. I don’t want us to lose it.”

With the help of teachers, librarians, and Friends of the Palm Beach County Library hundreds of submissions have been read over the last four years. With each book the number of entries has grown exponentially, and what started as a local project now has participants throughout the nation.

Let’s Write Together invites students from all grades to submit a short story to by March 1st. The selected stories will make up the fifth volume of the book. Each year a ceremony is held in conjunction with Trimark Press to present each new author a copy of their book, a certificate, and a picture with Dr. Watson, Alex, and Barry Chesler, the publisher for Trimark Press.