Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler’s new book The Sins of Castel du Mont details the folklore she unearthed while researching her birthplace, the Alice Catello in the province of Piedmont, Italy.

The backstory is interesting: after an impromptu visit with her family prompted her to show off her birthplace, emotions overcame her when she was put in sight of the castle. Suddenly, memories of her past and the castle’s history flooded her memory, haunting her until she shared the castle’s story.

The fiery, passionate nature of the native Italian woman took over, directing her to go as far as to open her own travel agency, thus allowing her to travel freely to her birthplace and enabled her to gather the history she so needed. After years of determination, Rosemary was able to unearth, once and for all, the shocking stories that make up the folklore of Alice Castello.

She talks with us about her project.