The Union

Deerfield Beach, FL –December 8th, 2017 – 17 year-old Alex Watson is back with his fourth book.

This time it’s the third book in the Time Zone series, The Union, which follows The Crossing and The Discovery.

The Union is an action packed and historically accurate re-imagining, allowing its readers to learn as they go.

The Time Zone series reaches an audience beyond YA; it attracts anyone with an interest in history or science fiction, and keeps them invested with the evolution of real and well-thought out characters.

So far we’ve seen Chase Maxwell fight alongside General George Washington and Colonel Alexander Hamilton in the Revolutionary War, travel across the country with Lewis and Clark’s “Corps of Discovery” while battling the fierce Teton Sioux Tribe, be taken from his new friends yet again by the swirling light storm of the time zone, and face the constant threat of the three murderous Hessian soldiers who are still pursuing him across time.
It makes the time travel ordeal tiring for Chase.

What will Chase and his grandfather encounter next? Will they find out how to control the opening and closing of time? Where are they headed and how will they get home?

About the Author
Alex Watson is a high school student in Boca Raton, Florida. He enjoys playing sports and music, traveling, and hanging out with his friends. He co-authored the books Tsunami, which was the runner-up in the International Book Award for Young Adult Fiction, and The Crossing, the first in the Time Zone series, and wrote The Discovery.

He is the founder of Let’s Write Together, an annual short story contest for kids, and the editor of the annual book of the same title featuring the winning stories.