Traditional Guilt and Gilding the Lily

Deerfield Beach, FL—July 25— In her new book Rosemary Greenbaum-Kohler shares two exciting novellas that explore what it is like to fall in love in a dangerous time.

Set during the Great Depression and World War II, the first novella follows Rafaela, a precocious artist struggling to help her family make ends meet during difficult times. Her world gets turned upside down when she reunites with her childhood friend, Leonard, who’s fighting in the war. It doesn’t take the pair long to fall in love.
But it cannot be… as tradition and family work hard to keep them separated.
Greenbaum-Kohler’s second novella is just as heart wrenching from the beginning. Her characters are Matteo and Sofia, who share a lifelong romance that ends in tragedy for both, leaving behind an infant daughter, Nicole.

From there Nicole has to face death and life in an orphanage, while learning to fend for herself until a kind stranger changes her life.
This puts her on the path to a meeting with the wrong man. From then on, she will have to learn to navigate a life heavy with heartbreak, loss and renewed hope.

About the Author
Rosemary Greenbaum-Kohler is a renaissance woman who’s lived a full life. She wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of nine; it went on to win a top 10 award in Italy. Since then she’s completed a degree in dress designing at Washington Irving Art School in New York City, worked as a pen and ink artist for Disney Studios and published two more books. At the age of 93 she is still busier than ever with her writing.