Self Publishing with TriMark Press

TriMark Press provides a professional, custom book publishing solution that allows you to direct every aspect of getting your book printed, published, and even transformed into eBook format available for download through the Internet. Throughout the creation process, we work not only for you but with you.

Our team of experts provides advice and support while allowing you to maintain creative and editorial control over all facets of the publishing process. You point us in the right direction and we will help fulfill the dream of seeing your book published, printed, and distributed.

Unlike most companies, we actually sit down with you to gather the best understanding of how you picture your book idea coming to fruition. To fully appreciate and understand your ideas, concerns, and goals, we open our office doors and invite you into the conference room, whether in person or via Skype, to listen to what you personally envision, while offering our professional advice and direction. In the various meetings to come, we will discuss ideas about the book cover as well as the interior design, marketing, editorial, and distribution aspects of the project.

TriMark Press is committed to a uniquely self-designed book publishing experience for those with creative and determined minds. We will cater to every wish, dream, concern, and vision, while holding your hand through the publishing process. Become the established author you’ve always dreamed of being and contact us today!

TriMark Press is dedicated to the success of your publication, no matter which genre or form it comes in.

To learn more about publishing your book with TriMark Press, call toll-free at 800-889-0693 to speak with one of our team members.