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Memoir & Self-Help Books

A Man of Many Hats

Eugene Miller

Who You Callin' Silly?

Kimberly Lock

My Eyes and My Hair: My Journey Overcoming Challenges of Daily Endeavours

Natosha Dooling

Memories, Milestones and Memoirs: Selections from a Writing Workshop (Vol. 2)

Emily Rosen

Riding Solo: My Journey Through Love and Madness

Lee Ravine

Create Space for Peace

Gene Stoltzfus

Matters of the Heart

Corin Wiser

Only the best will do!

Herb Goldsmith

I've Been Thinking

Dr. Frank Weinstock

What's Driving You???

Keyon Dooling

Momma's Christmas Cookbook

Arlene Iaquinto

Why? The Question that Could Save Your Life

Robert Brown, DDS

Heartache & Hope in Haiti

Heartache and Hope in Haiti

Chasing Rainbows

Robert Berman

Best Wishes

Megan Tierney

A Young Man Sent to Sea

Vince DeOrchis

The Invitation to Your Life

Kevin Toshihiro Moreau

Fiction & Children’s Books

The Hedgecock Friasko

Rick Hussey

Ken Volunteers at the Zoo

Quang C. Ly

Carol White, From one Place to Another

Carol White

Tsunami Novel, Alex Watson

Alex Watson

Another Time Around, Lila Pardo

Lila Pardo

Karl Lenker, Final Trumpet

Karl Lenker

Humor is a Funny Thing, Gordon Bushell

Gordon Bushell

Jaclyn Stapp, Wacky Jacky

Jaclyn Stapp

Panic in Punctuation Land! Gordon Bushell

Gordon Bushell

Air Force One cover

Dave Brown

The School Fairy

Dr. Ruby Andrew & Kirsten Brown

Rebecca and Family

Homere Jean

Let's Write Together, Volume I

Alex Watson & Robert P. Watson, PhD

Let's Write Together, Volume II

Alex Watson & Robert P. Watson, PhD

Let's Write Together, Volume III

Alex Watson & Robert P. Watson, PhD

Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler

Christopher McGarry

Alex Watson & Robert P. Watson, PhD

Elaine Grosoff

Deedra Lavon


Haley Marguerite Mariano


Lori Balter

Revenge Is Savory

Kathrine Bagdasaryan

Isabella Watson

Alex Watson

A.J. Antoine, Ph.D.

Traditional Guilt and Gilding the Lily

Rosemary Greenbaum-Kohler


Thoughts from the Throne Just for sh*ts & g*ggles!

D.R. Howe

Business & Finance Books

How to Settle with the IRS...for Pennies on the Dollar

Nicole S. Ofstein

Live Debt Free, Credit Crisis

Edward N Port

Alan Haft, The Haft of It

Alan Haft

Alan Haft, Financial Mistakes

Alan Haft

Northern Trust, Legacy

Northern Trust

Implementing ISO 50001, Thomas Welch

Thomas E Welch

Wealth: Unlock the Secrets to Creating and Protecting Black Family Prosperity, James L. Marshall, Jr.

James L. Marshall, Jr.

Documentary & Religion Books

Danger at the Ballpark

Jack Herskowitz

The Demythification and Demystification of the Bible

Rabbi April

Javier D Ferrara, The Gift of Travel

Javier D. Ferrea

How to Become a Top Dog Model: Featuring America’s Top Dog Models

Jo Jo Harder

Twenty Greatest New York City Fires of the Twentieth Century

Morton Greenbaum

Trilogy of Dance

Janice Sussman