Air Force One cover
Author: Dave Brown
ISBN: 978-0988614543


Air Force One Has Vanished! A Political Novel

Of the countless books and films about Air Force One, the Oval Office, and Capital Hill, none of the plots compare to Air Force One Has Vanished! The drama unfolds from a Miami air traffic control tower that has just lost contact with Air Force One as it enters the infamous Bermuda Triangle of the Atlantic Ocean. With the President now missing, and no sitting Vice President, laymakers on Capitol Hill find themselves in a political frenzy in an effort to determine a replacement. Who’s running the government? You’ll find out via a spellbinding series of twists and turns in the nation s capital.

dave brownDave H. Brown was an Ohio newspaper reporter/editor for nearly 15 years before beginning a 24-year career as a government public-information officer. Retiring in 1991, he became a community college adjunct professor. After 9/11, he wrote three books critical of airport security procedures and two other non-fiction titles before penning five political novels. Brown and his wife reside in North Bethesda, Maryland, and Boynton Beach, FL.

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