Another Time Around, by Lila Pardo

Author: Lila Pardo
ISBN: 978-0982970232

Another Time Around: A Form of Redemption

Mercy and Kathleen certainly hoped their story would have a happily ever after. They were sweet six teen and the best of friends when they fell in love with the young men they wanted to marry. A lavish double wedding, life amid the caring; from the outside looking in, they did appear to live charmed lives. Based on true events, this saga follows the tears and joys of a New York City family from the 1950’s to the present. From the expected to the unthinkable, it is as honest about its conflicts as it is about the power of acceptance, forgiveness and love.

Lila Pardo, Author

Lila Pardo

Lila was born in Brooklyn, New York, and later moved to Florida where she took on the career of cosmetology. She enjoyed 30 years of working and learning from the public. Read more about Lila Pardo…

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