Final Trumpet, a book by Karl Lenker

Author: Karl Lenker
ISBN: 978-0-9816092-0-1

Final Trumpet

It is November 1993. The chaos and lawlessness of Somalia has reached its apex in the wake of the “Blackhawk Down” debacle of a month earlier and the American government struggles with its foreign policy options. In neighboring Kenya, a young couple honeymooning on safari are wickedly attacked by ruthless elephant poachers—he is murdered, she is kidnapped. Their fathers, who served together as Army Rangers in Vietnam, agonize over the loss (they and the incompetent Kenyan police believe both are dead) and choke on the certain truth that justice will never be served. That is, until they decide to do what any outraged former Special Forces soldiers would do…hunt the bastards down themselves.

Karl Lenker, Author

Karl Lenker

Karl, an A-10 Warthog fighter pilot and combat veteran (Bosnia), logged over 29,000 hours in the air. Action is his middle name. Others write about on-the-edge adventures… Karl Lenker lives them. Read More abut Karl Lenker…

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