Have A Heart When You Part

Author:A.J. Antoine, Ph.D.
Paperback $12.95
ISBN: 978-1-943401-24-6

Have A Heart When You Part

This book covers the early lives of Jack and Marie, how they met and how they lived their lives. It describes the happy moments leading up to marriage and child bearing. It describes the highs and the lows, as well as the complex lifestyle of Jack and Marie. There are also the children, yes children, growing from toddlers into school age kids. It tells of how things were going pretty smoothly in the early stages of their relationship, followed by a surprising change of events. Then things really heat up. There is a family crisis and only the strong and tolerant survive. Patience and will are tested and no one will be left unscarred. Will this relationship survive, and if not, what will be the outcome?

A.J. Antoine, Ph.D. is a strong advocate against violence, particularly domestic violence. She strongly believes if violence in the home is stemmed, then the society as a whole will be a more peaceful place. Dr. Antoine is a Certified County Mediator, Qualified Arbitrator and Communication expert.

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