Let's Write Together, Vol III

ISBN: 978-1-943401-14-7
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Let’s Write Together, Volume III

Let’s Write Together, Volume III features the short stories written by the winners of the Let’s Write Together contest for young authors in 2016.

In 2013, Alex Watson and Robert P. Watson teamed up with TriMark Press to bring the Let’s Write Together Contest to life and help local students develop their creative writing skills. The contest was a hit, encouraging students from all over the Palm Beach County area to submit their stories to be read through and potentially selected to be published. Now in it’s second year, the Let’s Write Together contest pulled together the stories of kids from the palm beach area to be featured in Let’s Write Together, Volume III. This book features short stories written by the winners in 2016.

If you are interested in submitting a short story for the 2017 writing contest, please see the guidelines here.

Alex Watson, Published AuthorAlex Watson

Alex Watson is a high school student in Boca Raton, Florida, He enjoys playing sports and music, traveling and hanging out with his friends. He coauthored the books Tsunami and The Crossing, the first in the Time Zone series, and is the editor of Let’s Write Together, the multivolume collection of short stories by kids who won the annual writing contest he created. His first book, Tsunami, was an International Book Award Finalist in the Young Adult Fiction category.

Robert Watson, Published AuthorRobert P. Watson

Robert P. Watson is a professor at Lynn University in florida who has published many books on American politics and history. He is also Alex’s father.

Alex and Robert encourage parents and children to read and write together. They welcome you to the “Let’s Write Together” community, featuring writing tips, contests and awards for child-parent writing teams. Learn more at www.LetsWriteTogether.com.

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