Momma's Christmas Cookbook
Author: Arlene Franco-laquinto
ISBN: 978-0990421108


Momma’s Christmas Cookbook

More than a convenient collection of classic Italian recipes, Momma’s Christmas Cookbook is a tribute to the traditions that keep families together! Especially for the cook who remembers what her mother or grandmother put on the table to celebrate the holidays, this cookbook contains all the recipes you want to prepare for your family at Christmas…or any day of the year!

The real-life “Momma,” Lucia Franco (1911 – 1974) engaged all her senses—her vision, her tastebuds, her listening and her delicate touch, never needing recipes to create the perfect meal (she never learned to read). Fortunately, we are able to share in the rich, family-centered traditions she left us. It is my purpose to share with you those dishes she served with such love and care, so that your holiday gatherings will always be special.

Arlene IaquintoArlene Franco-laquinto was born in the Bronx, New York, to a middle class Italian family. She developed her love for cooking from her mother-in-law, Lucia Franco. While observing Lucia’s passion for preparing special dishes for her family during the Christmas holiday, Arlene developed the same passion for meal preparation not only during the holidays but whenever family would gather for meals. This strong sense of family and love of cooking prompted her to write down the recipes handed down to her by Lucia. Arlene shares the traditions of an Italian family and hopes to pass those traditions and her love of cooking that Lucia inspired to others through this book.

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