Herb Goldsmith Only the Best Will Do

ISBN: 978-0982970294

Only the Best Will Do!

Success is achieved by determination, innovation, motivation, and a bit of luck. In the life of Herb Goldsmith, cofounder of the MEMBERS ONLY brand, the extraordinary circumstances and opportunities that occurred during his lifetime were there to be taken. A true legend in the menswear industry, Herb recounts his many marketing risks that truly impacted the men’s industry.From the streets of the Bronx to the halls of the U.S. Congress, this fascinating memoir follows the life of revolutionary businessman Herb Goldsmith, and the rise of MEMBERS ONLY—one of the most iconic leisurewear brands in U.S. history.Readers will be inspired by this true American success story that not only showcases Goldsmith’s revolutionary sales and marketing innovations but also shares the importance of giving back. Goldsmith said, “If corporations have the power to influence the choices people make in buying their clothes, food homes and cars, I believe we have a responsibility to use that power in a much more important arena—the public good.” They will come to know Goldsmith as not only a brilliant businessman, but one who cared deeply about his family and his country.

Herb Goldsmith

Herb Goldsmith

When people describe Herbert Goldsmith as a man with a cause, they mean it. Herb revolutionized the menswear industry with his business partner Ed Wachtel and built their company into the largest manufacturer of men’s outerwear. Using celebrities in advertising such as Bing Crosby, Rock Hudson, Danny Kaye, Anthony Geary, The Gatlin Brothers, and Tony Curtis, energized his marketing strategies. Read more about Herb Goldsmith…

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