Rebecca & Family

ISBN: 978-0-9904211-3-9

Rebecca & Family

Rebecca & Family is the story of a family struggling to find their place in the modern world and their journey in attaining the American Dream.

Erick immigrates from Africa along with his family when he is fourteen. Unfortunately his parents soon pass away, leaving him alone to make his way in the world. He doesn’t give up and instead works hard as a dishwasher in a restaurant. It is there where he meets his future wife, Nicole. Before long, they are raising a daughter and working together to make their lives better. One day, Erick decides that the best way to bring his family up in the world is to enroll in college and educate himself.

Erick discovers his gift for computers and things start improving on the work front. His home life is a different story, though. Far from supporting his decision to go back to school, Nicole questions the future of their marriage.

As Erick learns to balance his commitment to his own future and his family, his daughter Rebecca embarks on a journey that uncovers special talents of her own. This story is about the triumph of faith, hope and most importantly, love.

Homere Jean, Published AuthorHomere L. Jean

Homere L. Jean earned his business administration degree from Florida Career College but as a self-professed “born communicator”, he has dedicated his life to vocations that would allow more room for self expression. His resume includes journalist, writer, radio and tv host, and he has also performed in a number of movies. He is an occasional contributor for many journals, including Le nouvelliste, HPN and HaitiPal.
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