Riding Solo, Lee Ravine

Author: Lee Ravine
ISBN: 978-0-9829702-0-1

Riding Solo: My Journey Through Love and Madness

For years, author Lee Ravine languished in a marriage that was both gratifying and frightening, never knowing when she would be elevated to great heights of ecstasy or plunge toward the bowels of hell. Lee shares her journey through love and lust, disillusionment and deceit, and ultimately survival.

What Readers are Saying:LOVED IT! “I purchased this book for my sister. After years of witnessing her negotiating the minefield that is her marriage I felt she needed a wake-up call. I am grateful that Riding Solo helped her see the light. Now it’s up to her to take the next step.” —Michael Breit

Marriage With a Heartbreaking Twist: “This true story about a marriage entered into with love and hope will tear your heart apart as you read each of its revealing chapters. Mental illness takes many forms, and some forms are nearly impossible to understand, even when the spouse is as “up close and personal” as a human being can be. The author’s candor is both moving and refreshing in its honesty. She takes the reader through each aspect of her husband’s decline — from his growing unpredictability to his lapses into belligerence and growing separation from reality. There is never any doubt as to her commitment to save their relationship and restore it to its original state, but as time passes her frustration builds. Not all marriages can be saved.

“I was intrigued by the author’s technique of exposing her inner thoughts throughout the unfolding events — her psychological journeys into the “why did I not see this before?” aspect of her rationalizing nature regarding each sad revelation. This book will hold your interest throughout because it never stops punching you in the gut. It is not a light read, but rather it is more than food for thought — it is a sobering account which will require your serious attention and respect.” —Lea H. Becker

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Lee Ravine

Lee Ravine

Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Education. She was employed by the New York City Board of Education where she taught students with special needs. Learn more about Lee Ravine…

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