The Sins of Castel Du Mont

Author: Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler


The Sins of Castel du Mont

Dirty Little Secrets…

If centuries of sex, sin, violence, romance and heresy echoed within the walls of your childhood home, would you dare spill the secrets now solely in your possession?

Based on authentic Italian folklore, The Sins of Castel du Mont unfolds in the actual castle where its author and this epic tale were born.

In 1964, feeling the lure of the castle and the legends surrounding it, author Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler was drawn to her birthplace (where she was the first legitimate child) to unravel the mysteries of The Castel du Mont. Conducting intensive interviews with only local citizens over eighty years old, the author collected the four epic tales artfully woven together into this monumental novel. The haunting stories surrounding The Castel were given to her in the dying dialect of Piedmontese.

For centuries, The Castel has kept its secrets and for over five decades, these unorthodox accounts based on folklore that was whispered from generation to generation simmered in translation until the time was ripe for the sins to be revealed…

Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler

Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler  Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler was born in a castle in northern Italy, near the French border. The historic edifice was owned by her grandfather. She attended preschool at “The Asilo” at the age of two. At age three, she learned to paint in watercolors, personally guided by the Mother Superior. She attended public school in Italy, where she wrote and illustrated her first book when she was nine years old. The teacher, Mrs. Rita Di Benedetto, entered the book in a contest that reached across all of Italy and won one of the first ten prizes.

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