The Haft of It by Alan Haft

Author: Alan Haft
ISBN: 978-0-9767528-7-5

The Haft of It

Considering how hard we work to accumulate wealth, it’s amazing how little time and attention most people pay to ensure a successful and profitable retirement. While scores of book and articles have been written on nearly every subject of investing, there exists no easy to grasp, simplified, comprehensive “manual” of investing planning. In his newspaper columns entitled The Haft Of It, nationally recognized investment advisor Alan Haft simplifies difficult concepts so that everyone can understand and better navigate their journey towards retirement. Out of the many The Haft Of It columns that have appeared in various newspapers around the country, the re-prints contained within this book represent those that gained the most positive feedback and attention.

Alan HaftAlan Haft

Alan Haft is a nationally recognized personal financial educator, financial planner and author who makes frequent appearances in a wide range of print, radio and television media including CNBC, Fox, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, USA Today, Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, Smart Money and many others. Read more about Alan Haft…

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