The Invitation to Your Life, by Kevin Toshihiro Moreau

Author: Kevin Toshihiro Moreau
ISBN: 978-1943401369

The Invitation to Your Life

Finding a purpose in life can not be discovered in one day. What lies ahead in the path of fulfillment is a journey that leads to infinite possibilities, especially the possibilities of uncovering hidden talents and strengths.
Humanity may dwell within the confines of what society has unfolded before them, but it takes a leap of faith for one to recognize that life is more than a grade or an eight-hour job.
Life is an invitation to discovering your potential. Embrace it and allow success to fall in place.

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Kevin Toshihiro Moreau, Author

Kevin Toshihiro Moreau

Kevin is a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University. He is the proud son of a veteran, a poet, a mentor, and a TED Talk speaker who advocates for living life without regrets by sharing his personal experience through print and social media.