Mission Ekklesia A Coalition Liberation Force

Author: Rosemary Greenbaum-Kohler
Paperback $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-943401-30-7

Traditional Guilt and Gilding the Lily

Family strife, prejudice, the pain of separation and reconciliation… Both novellas by Rosemary Greenbaum-Kohler offer a glimpse into family struggles amidst the backdrop of depression, a world at war and lives that carry on their dreams, characters find love, at a price, face tragedies and build themselves back up again.

Traditional Guilt

focuses on the prejudice that generations of one family face when its members go against their heritage, religion, and traditions. Does being honest bring them together… or tear them apart?

Gilding the Lily

is a story about the kindness of a woman who raises an orphan girl… and the unkindness of a lover raised in a privileged and isolated world. While one pursues a dream the other battles demons. Whether the two hearts come together is a question of who will bend first.

Rosemary Greenbaum-Kohler is a renaissance woman who’s lived a full life. She wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of nine; it went on to win a top 10 award in Italy. Since then she’s completed a degree in dress designing at Washington Irving Art School in New York City, worked as a pen and ink artist for Disney Studios and published two more books. At the age of 93 she is still busier than ever with her writing. Read more about the author here.