Author: Hal Jacobson
Paperback $17.95
ISBN: 978-1943401-27-7


There is nowhere to hide. The United States is entering a new era of moral destruction. The reassuring words of political leaders can no longer subdue the rampant uprising of civil unrest. As the New Reich Group gains more popularity through social media, their age-old ideology steadily attracts new members to take part of the nationalistic uprising. No marginalized person is safe. There is nowhere to hide from the ersatz Nazis.

David Grahame never knew he would be caught in the reign of the New Reich Group, or be a prisoner at Camp Killcharlie. On that fateful Sunday, all David wanted to do was to give his mother a weekly visit and continue his day of rest. However, the ersatz Nazis breached her nursing home’s security and started their bloodlust carnage. David and his imprisoned companions must figure out a plan to escape from the prison in the dark of the night.

Hal Jacobson

Hal Jacobson a New Jersey native, spent his childhood in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. He is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and George Washington University Law School. He is a retired lawyer and member of the Virginia and New York bars, and he now resides in South Florida with his partner, Fran, and his two pets, Shayna and Martini. He wrote Warsawe in response to the growing numbers of hate groups and self-styled commandos in the United States. Warsawe is his first book. Read more about the author here.

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