Author: James L. Marshall, Jr.
ISBN: 978-0-9816092-3-2

Unlock the Secrets to Creating and Protecting Black Family Prosperity

There seems to be many ways to invest. People talk about stocks, funds, gas and oil futures, precious metals, venture capital, real estate and even pork bellies. How do I find my right investment?

That’s just one of the hundreds of inquiries asked and answered in Wealth: Unlock the Secrets to Creating and Protecting Black Family Prosperity, the book specially written to answer the questions people most frequently ask their financial advisors. Authored by America’s leading advisors in easy-to-grasp language that anyone can understand, Wealth cuts through much of the mystery of effectively managing your money. The book imparts valuable knowledge on investing, college funding and taxes. You’ll also gain insight into estate planning, retirement planning and insurance risk management.

Wealth is designed to help you better understand these concepts and also to show you how the right advisor can lead to even greater security and success for you and your family.

James L. Marsall, Jr.

independent-author-james-l-marhallJames L. Marshall, Jr. has been in the investment management industry for over 20 years. He started his career with Merrill Lynch in 1988 as a stockbroker trainee and then moved to Washington, DC to work for New York Life, where he began to realize the importance of educating the black community about comprehensive wealth building.

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