The Invitation to Your Life

Deerfield Beach, FL—August 18— Deerfield Beach, FL – August 18, 2017 – First-time author Kevin Moreau steps into the literary game with an inspirational and thought-provoking read.

For the thousands who feel unsatisfied with their everyday lives “Invitation” creates a guide with nine points of emphasis that will help snap their life into focus.

Moreau gains inspiration from his failures and allows those insights to mold the book. He has a unique and humorous voice that will teach the reader the importance of a morning routine, food and fostering your happiness into positive results.

Dealing with topics that range from failure to balance and even music, Moreau creates a book that’s meant to improve not only the reader’s life but to lift up those surrounding them.
In “The Invitation to Your Life” Moreau provides the tools to go from a viewer to a participant in your life!

About the Author
Kevin Moreau is a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University. He is the proud son of a veteran, a poet, a mentor, and a TED Talk speaker who advocates for living life without regrets by sharing his personal experience through print and social media.