The Golden Locket, by Yelaine Aguilar

Author: Yelaine Aguilar
ISBN: 978-1943401383

The Golden Locket

It’s a new home and a new life for Franchesca and her best friend, Annie, who set out to explore their mansion in Los Angeles for secret treasures, and uncover a golden locket that thrusts them into a wondrous world of castles and creatures… and evil. Giving Franchesca powers she never dreamed of, the locket holds the key to her survival as she travels through walls, falls through holes, befriends a queen… and confronts a wicked king.

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Yelaine Aguilar, Author

Yelaine Aguilar

Yelaine Aguilar live is Coral Springs, Florida, with her parents, 2 fish, and 1 dog, Lily. She is 12 years old and attends middle school. This is her first book. She has loved to write since the third grade. she also loves to play Roblox (her user is bella23568), Minecraft, and other games. She spends hours on the computer, and loves to swim and spend time with her friends. She also loves to text on the iPad.

Yelaine adores traveling the world, even though she’s only been out of the U.S. once or twice, and hopes to go to Paris when she gets older. She plans on writing and publishing at least 50 more books in her lifetime, and is addicted to the ocean. She will eventually make a website for her books.