Thoughts from the Throne

Author: D.R. Howe
Illustrated By: M.E. Howe
Paperback $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-943401-18-5

Thoughts from the Throne Just for sh*ts & g*ggles!


An idea came to me whilst using the restroom at work. “If there is a mayor of a city, and a senator of a state, what is the title of the figurehead of a county?” This thought is neither something that is pertinent to my everyday life, nor is it something I ever cared much to research, but it led me to my next idea … “I should write a book!”
It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find any alone time in day-to-day life. Many of us live with other people, carpool to work, take public transit, and work in an environment with others all day. This leaves little time to be alone with our own thoughts. The one area that remains our own (for the most part) to let the mind wander, is the bathroom. Some of my best ideas, strangest thoughts, and most random questions, come to me while “powdering my nose.’
I decided to put a notebook next to the commode and write down any thoughts that came to me during my alone time. I then thought, “I cannot be the only one who takes advantage of this private time,” so I told friends and family to do the same. This is the result. A small glimpse into the extraordinary minds of the seemingly ordinary

D.R. Howe

D.R. Howe The author of random things written on bar napkins, and in the margins of my old text books.

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